Campus classicals

Campus Classicals brings you the most exciting musical experience and engagement you have never witnessed before. The largest opportunity to be celebrated as a musical icon lies here in Campus Classicals. Participants and audience alike gets rewards for their roles. Keep a date that will ever remain ecstatic with us.

Event Details

Classicals features an audience of:

  • Over 10 million followers
  • With over 700 participants.
  • Over 20 tertiary institutions will compete for a whooping sum of N10 million and above.
  • 4 Cities; Zonal preliminaries will hold in Ibadan, Awka, and Abuja. The winners from each zone will qualify for the finals in Lagos.
  • 1 event
  • Instrumental Music
  • Operatic Music
  • Choral Music
  • Stage Band/Pop Nigerian music
  • By invitation for now
  • A team of 35 students from each institution
  • Two accompanying lecturers that are not performers
  • Schools to appear in their costumes/uniform
  • Individual Instruments such as Violin, Flute, Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Clarinet, etc to be provided by each participating school.
  • Schools are responsible for their transportation to event venue.
  • To encourage the growth of music- theory and practice through regular practical exercise in the nature of music festivals
  • To impress in students the sense of meaning, worth and dignity of the discipline of music in all its forms
  • To create a platform for participants to develop and gain fame in the industry
  • To foster the growth of a more reflective generation of youth through the culture of classical music in practice and theory
  • To help in nurturing the growth and appreciation of intellectual culture and academic excellence as quintessential elements in nation building and development
  • To encourage music tourists to Nigeria
  • Enhance the image of participating Universities
  • Opportunity for participants to interface and peer review
  • Content Owner – Classical Showcase Ltd
  • Marketing – Zoya Media Ltd
  • Media/publicity – Zoya Media Ltd
  • Technical - Prof. Anthony Mereni, (Music Major) Former Head of Creative, Arts and Music Unit, University of Lagos
  • Music Producer and mentoring - Engr. Benedict Ogbeiwi

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Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria


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